Enhancing the Pekinese culinary experience


"How We Feed Our Dogs"

(Part I)

Feeding our dogs is most properly done by this cute blonde (who wouldn't want to be fed by her?) in a leopard print top.

Faux animal skins serve to remind the dog that s/he is still a hunter, capable of running down and devouring a moose.

Raw meat dogfood is best (meese being in short supply in So Cal), cut or shredded into bite-size chunks. You wouldn't want them to strain themselves.

(not that they really need it that small. I once watched Mr. Zu down a whole one of these "medalions" - a fat-inch thick and twice that diameter - in a single gulp).

For all your efforts, do not hold high expectations. Pekingese are known to be fussy and not easily distracted from their original nature (little known fact: the pekingese is the dog who is genetically closest to the wolf).

In the background here we see our Onikins, ever the huntress, heading off into the kitchen in search of suitable prey.

The very picture of desire, sated.

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