Tinka and Mr. Zu

This website was the several year project of chronicling the lives of our two pekingese: Tink and Zu. It began shortly after we got them in November of 2003.

Tinka died on September 25, 2008.

Mr. Zu is still with us, as sweet a boy as you could wish for. And we have some new pups, Our Onikins, and Miss Annabelle O'Hara.

As wonderful as the new ones are, and puppies are as amazing as babies, these two have yet to take Tinka's place.

To really understand our loss, and what Tinka meant to the three of us who have to go on without her, read "The Story of Tink & Zu" to know how she fit into our lives.

Our Kids

In the photos below, the black pup is female, and is named "Tink". The breeder called her Tinkerbell, but we shortened it to Tink. Her registered name is Patinka.

The larger, multi-colored one is male, and named Ozu. He is named after the Japanese film director, Yasujiro Ozu, who was famous for his low-angle camera work. A camera mounted on a really low tripod is called a "doggy cam". We figure that Yasujiro would have appreciated our Ozu's point of view on the world.

I learned later that the word ozu means "little wave" in Japanese. If you've ever seen a Peke walk, you'll appreciate the serendipity in the name.

(and the blonde in the middle is Lisa :-)

Our "babies" in November '03

Our "kids" in May '04
(Look how long Lisa's hair has grown :-)

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