Ferocious Chinese Lion Dog Carries off Companion's Toothbrush Treat

The villian.

At approximately 9:30 on Tuesday evening, a sharp bark was heard coming from the kitchen.
Tinka the Terrible had given notice that Mr. Zu's greenie replacement was no longer his.

Mine, all mine!

For the next half hour or so, Missy Tink (as she prefers to be called) walked around the house with the treat firmly clenched in her jaws.
Bowing to fate, Mr. Zu relaxed in the background. He was heard to say, "who wants that brown thing anyway."
Truth or sour grapes? We may never know.

In repose.

Having firmly established her dominance, La Tinka lays back (but doesn't surrender the bone).

Patience, patience.

Knowing that Tink is only muscling him around, Mr. Zu waits for her to lose interest, which she will.