September 25, 2008

Tinka died this morning.

The photos on this site show one of the great loves of my life;
I loved her as much or more than I ever loved anything
or anyone.

Yes, she was that special.

She had no expectations, so I never failed her.
She was never in a bad mood when I came home; she was always eager to jump in my lap.
She was posessed of an independent spirit and gave her love unconditionally.

8/30/2003 - 9/25/2008
Let the Lion Dog be small; let it wear the swelling cape of dignity around its neck; let it display the billowing standard of pomp above its back.

Let its face be black; let its fore-front be shaggy; let its forehead be straight and low, like the brow of an Imperial righteous harmony boxer.

Let its eyes be large and luminous; let its ears be set like the sails of a war-junk; let its nose be like the monkey god of the Hindus.

Let its forelegs be bent, so that it shall not desire to wander far, or leave the Imperial precincts. Let its body be shaped like that of a hunting lion spying for its prey.

Let its feet be tufted with plentiful hair that its footfall may be soundless.

Let it be lively that it may afford entertainment by its gambols; let it be timid that it may not involve itself in danger; let it be domestic in its habits that it may live in amity with other beasts, fishes or birds that find protection in the Imperial Palace.

Let it comport itself with dignity; let it be dainty with its food that it shall be known for an Imperial dog by its fastidiousness.

Thus it shall preserve its integrity and self-respect;

         and when it dies, remember, you too are mortal.

From the oldest known breed standard for the Pekingese, attributed to the Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi.

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