Our New Pup

Dateline: San Diego, Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We got two new dogs for xmas!

The one on the left is our new girl. She is from Pam Vanderpool's Gadabout Pekes, in Tucson.

She was 9 months old on Dec 26 and we named her Oni (pronounced "aah-knee"). I call her Onikins or Squirt.

At the moment, Zu prefers to play with the dog on the right, but our new girl is working on him.

She loves hiding under the couch, snoring,
digging for who knows what in the carpet under there,
or scratching her head on the fabric bottom.
If you want her to come out, you have to lay down on the floor so she can see your face.

She has the peke's intensity

a lot of coat

and a puppy's wide-eyed curiousity about the world.

Sunset at the viewpoint at Seahaus

Zu doesn't always know what to make of her

But we're all getting along just fine!

Oni's Daddy

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